Photography has magical power. It can capture the fleeting moments and even revive wonderful memories after the years. The word photography comes from the Greek words φως phos (" light") and γραφις graphis (" brush ") or γραφη graph , which together gives "drawing with light".

Let´s together capture the unique magic moments of your life ... and let's just draw by light.

We shoot a variety of formats and designs, photos on canvas , photo-books or photo-calendars as a nice memory of a magic moments.

We take pictures in the photostudio in Kladno and Prague (Vršovice). Professionally furnished studios offer comfort and convenience with great atmosphere and top technology. We shoot indoors and outdoors on request.

Apologize for unfulfilled and unfinished galleries - pages are currently under construction ...Thank you for your undestanding.

" A true photography does not need explanation and can not be described in words. "

Ansel Adams

Photo Kladno - Mgr. Petra Křížová - photo studio Kladno
Photo Kladno - Mgr. Petra Křížová - photo studio Kladno

Phone: +420 736 630 513

E-mail: krizova.petra@mujmail.cz